About SUS

SUS stands beside the deprived people 

1Since inception in 1986, SUS has been trying to stand behind the deprived and destitute people especially women, adolescents and children of the community.

SUS is striving with its sincere efforts and faith with a view to bring smile among the deprived people of the community, practicing freedom, exploring the productive and innovative power, establishing human rights and dignity by reducing mal-growth exploration of unequal power, superstition, hypocrisy, deprivation, terrorism, illegal ruling and invasion and destroying the devil power of the society.

The head office of SUS is situated at eastern part of Netrakona district town and 160 km. apart from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. SUS has been working to materialize the dream “People live in a society with dignity and justice”. A group of committed staffs are working hard with trust and sincerity for achieving the goal and objectives of the organization. All the activities of SUS are being operated for bringing positive changes by considering the situation, analyzing the capacity and scope of the program participants.