Selection process and Activities of SUS Shelter Home Project

Shelter home 1

An application is circulated to get admission into the shelter home. For getting admission into the shelter home, the helpless adolescent girls and women of the society have to fulfill some terms and conditions. A helpless victim is nominated through proper investigation, certificate from local government representative, interview and consent from their guardians. Emphasis is given to provide shelter of adolescent girls and women such as: acid survivor, divorced, separated, victim of rape, insecure physically, mentally and socially.  After getting admission into the shelter home, SUS takes initiative to check her physical condition through medical checkup. According to need, continuous counseling is also provided. SUS introduces them with its organizational vocational training centre and takes a test for her capability. After that the shelter less adolescent girls and women are selected for their particular training course. In 2016, 8 adolescent girls and women stayed at Shelter Home. Among them; 3 were divorced, 1was victim of violence and 4 had lack of social security. All of them have taken training on sewing. They have learned 16 types of items such as: frock, pant, petticoat, saloar, kamiz, mexi (gaun), fatua etc. Discussion sessions have been arranged with them in every 3 days in a week to increase the awareness on gender discrimination, women rights, women establishment in society, common laws, reproductive health and necessity of financial establishment. Also they have gotten the chance to read different books in their leisure period. After conversation, we have realized the changes of their attitude and behavior.


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