Adverse Situation: Helpless HAOR People

The people of HAOR area of Netrakona district have been affected badly by the upstream water and restless and early raining during last 25 days. The water of the rivers Surma, Dhanu, Kangsha, Sumeswari, Gumai and Mogra is still increasing. During the period, all the cropping areas have been inundated as a result of damaging embankments and upsurge water of rivers, canals and bills.

It has been known from Directorate of Agriculture Extension (DAE), District Livestock Services (DLS) and District Fisheries Department, Netrakona that ‘Boro’ paddy of nearly 69710 hectare lands among 1,84,320 hectares of all the 10 upazilas of Netrakona district have been inundated due to early/flash flooding and 69 unions have been affected, out of 86 unions of the district. Increase of Ammonia gas and decrease of oxygen, 1180 Metric Ton (MT) fishes of Modon, Mohongonj and Khaliajuri upazila have been died during the period. Nearly 16,528 fishermen have become workless. At the same time, 4,13,234 livestock have been in risk among 8,00,000.

According to the information of Directorate of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Netrakona; about 1,67,180 farmer families of 10 upazilas have been badly affected. About 3,97,347 Metric Tons (MT) of paddy has been fully damaged and the market price of paddy is more than taka 1000 crores. No one of the affected areas has enabled to harvest the paddy. Because, it was the period of ‘Flowering’ and ‘Milking’ stage of paddy i.e. further 20-30 days were needed to harvest the paddy.

It has been known physically that the farmers of HAOR area are depended on ‘Boro’ crop and fisheries only. Usually, they cultivate the lands by taking loans from bank, NGOs as well as rich people. They repay back the loans after selling their crops. But farmers have lost their ability to repay back of their loans due to damages of crops. 4083 group members of Sabalamby Unnayan Samity (SUS) have also been affected along with SUS operated 1110 Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) and Pre-primary students. Each of the family is passing their days with great hardship. As a result of severe damages, the haor people are facing serious food crisis. They have already fallen into severe economical crisis. Besides, there will be shortage of cattle feeds. They did not collect the cattle feeds due to damages of their paddy. During the period, different high government officials have visited the affected areas.

It has been known from District Administration is communicating with different ministries regularly. Till 29 April 2017; the district government authority has received and distributed taka 25 lac in cash and 500 Metric Tons (MT) rice only among the affected people. During the period, 30 kg rice and taka 500 in cash per month for 100 days have been allotted for 50,000 affected people which is not enough in comparison with the damages of people. Still 1,17,180 people remain out of service. Migration as well as drop out of students have been increased and no scope of work in the affected areas. So, we expect that government and non-government institutions along with people of all walks of life will extend their hands of cooperation and collective efforts more to face the disaster and save the affected people of HAOR areas.

Source: Reports published in different newspapers, Directorate of Agriculture Extension (DAE), District Livestock Services (DLS), District Fisheries Department and District Administration, Netrakona.


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