Farmers of HAOR area have been badly affected through upstream water and heavy shower

The farmers of HAOR area of Netrakona district have been affected badly from the upstream water and continuous raining during last couple of days. The water of the rivers Surma, Dhanu, Kangsha, Sumeswari and Mogra are increasing very quickly. Every day, new cropping areas are inundating as a result of damaging embankments and upsurge water of rivers, canals and bills. The farmers of those areas are struggling hard to save the embankments through earth-cutting as voluntary manner.

It has been known from Directorate of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Netrakona that due to early flooding, ‘Boro’ paddy of nearly 15000 hectare lands of Mohongonj, Khaliajuri, Durgapur, Kalmakanda, Atpara, Modon, Barhatta and Purbadhola upazilas of Netrakona district has been inundated and as a result, about 40,000 farmer families have been badly affected. About 95 Metric Tons (MT) paddy has been totally damaged (According to government sources) but according to different non-government sources, the intensity of damages is higher than the aforesaid quantity.

It has been known from Directorate of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) and District Administration, Netrakona sources that three crop saving embankments have been broken upto 4 April 2017. The embankments across the rivers are such as: Char Haijdia of Mohongonj upazila, Keertonkhola of Khaliajuri upazila and Gumai rivers. About 70%-80% crops of ‘Dingaputa Haor’ of Mohongonj upazila, ‘Pangasia’, ‘Keertonkhola’and ‘Roail’ Haor of Khaliajuri upazila and ‘Singrapuri, Singuria bills/Haor of Barhatta upazila have been inundated due to damages of the embankments. The field level agriculture officers have informed that it is the period of ‘Flowering’ and ‘Milking’ stage of paddy crop. So, it needs 20-30 days more to ripen the paddy.

Generally, the farmers of HAOR area are depended on ‘Boro’ crop only. Usually, they cultivate the lands by taking loans from bank and rich people. They repay back the loans after selling their crops. But farmers have been ruined due to damages of crops by early flooding. Each of the family is passing their days with great hardship. As a result of severe damages, the HAOR people will face the food crisis especially; children and women will suffer much. They will fall into serious economical crisis also. Besides, there will be shortage of cattle feeds. So, we expect that government and non-government institutions along with people of all walks of life will extend their hands of cooperation and collective efforts to face the disaster and save the affected people of HAOR areas.

Source: Reports published in different newspapers, Directorate of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) and District Administration, Netrakona.


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